I've never had the discipline

for a meditation practice, so my best approximation  is to either seek out a new environment or strive to see a familiar one with new eyes. This is the gift that photography gives me.

This site is about place: landscape, cityscape, horizons, architecture, angles. The mundane (asphalt) and the sublime (the sheer cliffs of the Faroe Islands). We all carry mental maps informed by the sensations-visual or otherwise-that accompany the contours and waypoints of our own geographies. Omnography is an exercise personal geography, and the website is organized accordingly. Each gallery features the images that punctuate my own evolving mental map of the world. While I often do shoot portraits, these do not feature prominently in the images shown here.

A word on medium: I shoot with both film and digital cameras. My film camera is also a Fuji, the GA-645i. This camera was produced in the 1990's in an effort to deliver the medium format photographer a point-and-shoot experience. When I shoot with the GA-645i, I let the Camera do the work for metering and selecting the aperture and speed. Shooting then becomes almost entirely about looking for light, composing the frame, and letting the outcome be something of a surprise. This too is a sort of meditation.

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